Thursday, August 12, 2010

Used Clothes

To continue with my earlier declutter blog, I thought I’d post a few places where you can get rid of your excess clothes. With so many people being out of work, school starting soon it’s a good idea to find ways to help others or to make yourself some much needed cash.

These are places located in Wisconsin. If you are looking for places in your area go to Google and do a search for used clothes, recycle clothes or clothes for the needy etc.

re-threads -They currently have two locations in Milwaukee & Madison on State Street. This is not a consignment shop. They buy your clothes ranging from modern to vintage.

New To You Kids- Located in at two locations in the Milwaukee area since 1994. They have been helping families save money by offering high quality and gently used clothes for kids. They also pay by cash or check for quality children’s merchandise you no longer need.

Community Clothes Closet - Located in Oshkosh since 1980 and is run by a volunteer staff. They collect and distribute clothing, blankets, towels, sheets and household items to people in need. They accept from the community gently used clothes for men, women and children. They also accept shoes, purses, costume jewelry, stuffed animals and books (no encyclopedias). They provide FREE clothing to financially challenged individuals and families.

Plato’s Closet - Has 4 locations in Wisconsin: Appleton, Greenfield and 2 in Madison. Bring in gently used name brand clothing and accessories and they will offer to buy your used clothes. Offer is based on style, condition, brand and store’s current stock levels.

Dress for Success - Located at the YWCA of Racine’s Empowering Women Center (by appointment only). This program promotes economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire for job interviews. Each client receives 1 suit when she has a job interview and can return for a second suit or separates when she finds work.

Naked Lady Party - Eat, drink and swap clothes with friends. Women get together to trade clothes they no longer need or like. Now there are two versions of NLP. East Coast is where you throw all the clothes in the middle of the room and have at it. West Coast version involves the removal of clothing, hence the term Naked Lady Party.

PAVE (People Against a Violent Environment) - Started in 1978, PAVE is located in Beaver Dam and provides services for victims of domestic violence. They accept clothes donations for women, men and children. Victims of domestic violence usually escape their abusers leaving all their belongings behind. During tough economic times domestic abuse usually sky rockets.

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