Thursday, August 12, 2010

Declutter your life

Right now we are in the middle of a decluttering at our house. We plan on moving in 2-5 years and I have decided that a lot of crap isn’t coming with us. I started in the kitchen yesterday by cleaning out three junk drawers and will continue until every room (including garage & basement) have been throughly searched.

I think clutter is a huge problem in our country. How often do you drive around and see cars parked in the driveway because the garage is storage space? My neighbors across the street have been living there for 8 years and they still haven’t finished unpacking. Their cars sit outside through rain, snow, sleet and hail because their garage is filled with boxes. If you haven’t touched those boxes or used the items contained in them in 8 years obviously you can live without them. Would you like to use your garage or basement for their intended purpose again? Is your attic overflowing with clutter? Does your house and life need to be decluttered? Here are some great tips.

1. Throw away clutter every day. While you are waiting for dinner to finish cooking, waiting for the cable man to show up or bored out of your mind. These are all fantastic times to declutter a room or closet.

2. Don’t bring clutter into the house in the first place. Before you buy another pair of shoes I really need another pair?

3. When you are making a pot of tea, clean up your kitchen. A lot of stuff you can clean and throw away in the few minutes it takes to boil a kettle of water.

4. Rule with clothing. If you have clothes you haven’t worn in 6 months....get rid of it. Have a rummage sale, give it to a friend or donate it to a charity. We women also tend to hang onto clothes thinking well, I’ll lose a few pounds and it will fit me again. No...that is just an excuse....get rid of it!

5. Make storage space smaller. If you have less room for storage you have less room for clutter.

6. Get rid of paper. Some people really love holding onto their paperwork. Certain items only need to be kept for 7 years and others maybe a month. Look through your file cabinet and shred paperwork you no longer need. The shredded paper also makes great mulch.

7. Recycle. While you are working on decluttering your life please remember to recycle.

What tips do you have on how to declutter?


Kim Bates said...

Well- if you buy something new- something old has to go!

Jennifer Young said...

I am totally with you on this one... life always seems so much easier with less clutter around. I have a little time off work right now and have been doing the same as you! De-cluttering. Simplifying. I also started in the kitchen this morning. Got one half re-arranged and de-cluttered. I am going room by room as well with the aim to give a LOT away. Good luck with it all! xo Jen