Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Input needed on bath salts

Debbie from Springvale Soap needs some help with product development. Any thoughts or ideas that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I'm venturing into a new area of making bath products.....bath salts and bath 'bombs.' Problem is, I don't use these things and have pretty much no clue what good ones are supposed to be like. SO I have some questions for those of you who do enjoy lounging in the tub with such products.

What exactly is it that you expect from bath salts? I know they are supposed to be soothing and make your skin soft, but is this an immediate effect that you feel upon leaving your first bath?

Do you actually feel a difference in your bath water?

Do you prefer strong scent, or barely there scent? I've read that some are meant to also leave your bathroom smelling lovely. Does the scent linger on your skin when you get out of the tub, and do you/don't you like that?

Do they color your water, and do you/don't you like that?

These same questions apply to the bath fizzies too. What exactly are they meant to do, and what do you get out of using them?

ANY other thoughts, pros/cons, ideas, input are greatly appreciated as I experiment in this new area.

Thanks to all!,

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