Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

Households with young children really love having foaming hand soaps. For the kids it’s easier to use and fun and for Moms it’s an easy way to teach kids to wash their hands. There are many companies who have foaming hand soaps on the market and the most popular is Bath & Body Works & Dial. What most consumers don’t realize is that what makes the soap foam is the dispenser not the soap. These foaming soaps are really expensive once you realize you are paying for 1-3 tablespoons worth of soap and the rest of the bottle is filled with water. The price for foaming soap at the store ranges from $3-5.00 a bottle and that is a lot of money to pay for basically water.

A lot of these foaming soaps are also antibacterial which isn’t healthy for us. The CDC has been warning us for years that continued use of antibacterial products is hazardous to global health. I stopped buying antibacterial cleaning products and soaps many years ago and we actually seem to be healthier. The problem with using all of these antibacterial products is that bacteria have developed antibiotic resistance which is now a global health crisis.

As a way to be thrifty and earth-friendly you can make your own foaming soap. It’s very simple to do and you only need a few items.

What you’ll need:

earth friendly hand soap
foaming soap bottle


1--You’ll need to obtain a foaming pump which are available from several places online like Amazon. The Pampered Chef also sells a foaming pump bottle. You can also reuse a foaming pump you already have at home or see if a friend or relative has an extra one they no longer need.

2--Pour 1-3 tablespoons of earth-friendly liquid soap like J.R. Watkins or Burt’s Bees (stay away from cloudy and pearly soaps) into the bottom of the foaming soap dispenser. How much you’ll need will depend on how big your bottle is. If after adding the water the soap seems watery you can always add more soap until it is foamy.

3--After you have added the soap to the bottle you can slowly start adding water. You don’t want to make it too sudsy so you don’t end up with a lot of bubbles and you’ll also want to leave some extra space at the top for the dispenser top. If it does bubble up a lot wait for the bubbles to settle and then add more water.

4--Put the top on the dispenser and shake it to mix it together. You need to mix it well or the soap which is heavier then water will settle on the bottom and as the bottle empties it will become less foamy.

Quick, easy to make and you’ll save yourself money too!

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